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Daily Life

Chinese pop star’s son jailed for gang rape. 14/10/2013

China’s HIV-infected sex workers. 31/07/2013

The family man: China’s ‘xinghun’. 10/07/2013

“Leftover” women and the ‘business of marriage’. 01/07/2013

This woman was sold for $23. 25/06/2013

I went to karaoke on my own. 10/05/2013

Creepy White guys. 21/02/2013

Leaving Australia for good. 18/12/2012

Chinese ‘tweeters’ misunderstand PM’s apocalypse message. 12/12/2012

Should we all speak an Asian language? 12/11/2012

How much is a man’s virginity worth? 10/10/2012

The child and the pop star. 25/09/2012

The Guardian

Chinese censorship’s dangerous subtlety. 31/10/2013


New dawn for Chinese activism. 23/05/2013

China has hipsters, too. 01/11/2012

Sydney Morning Herald

How the internet savvy are slipping under China’s criticism radar. 10/12/2012

Huffington Post

Forget Arab Spring – isn’t it time for China’s ‘Silent Spring’? 24/07/2012

The Diplomat

Social media, China and the environment. 25/07/2012


When social media meets socialism: China challenged. 14/11/2012


Chinese Whispers: We go in search of Sydney’s secret tastes of China. 01/01/2012